Making Random Shirts a priority means some big changes elsewhere.  We're getting rid of some unnecessary equipment to make room for Random Shirts inventory.  This should help with inventory tracking and expedite order fulfillment.

Busy, busy, busy! It's been a quiet week or so, and I thought it would be a good idea to take a few minutes to type up some thoughts and updates.I operate another business doing signs, shirts, etc. for local businesses and schools.  I'm selling some of that equipment and...

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Insomnia, movies, family... there's a decent spread squeezed into this short blog post.  Focus on the family for true success!

Family First I've dealt with insomnia for as long as I can remember.  While I was in the Army, I probably slept the best that I had in a long time.  So, here I am... after midnight, drinking a Neuro Sleep drink trying to be tired enough to actually sleep....

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The first of many top ten lists.  These will be spread out, probably once every few months.

This one is a run-through of the creative audio that has kept me going through the years!  Some fun, some insightful, but mostly boring words about bands, albums, and me.

Top Ten Albums I'll be posting some random top ten lists.  Not that I really think anybody will be terribly invested, or interested, but maybe somebody will connect to something somewhere eventually.So, I’ll kick this post off by admitting my taste in music changes weekly, if not daily.  I’ll make...

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