Random art from a random artist.  The creative mind behind Random Shirts, in its current form.

Random Art When I'm not busy working at my day job, or printing shirts for Random Shirts, or working on some behind the scenes business or marketing project for Random Shirts... I really enjoy drawing and painting.After nearly a decade of not touching a paint brush, I got into painting...

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Healthier Choices. This post discusses how I feel as a result of the poor choices I have made in terms of diet and lifestyle. I also discuss what changes I am making, and why.

Health & Overall Wellness Most of us know what good health feels like, right? Maybe it's been a couple years, maybe it's been decades... but most of us have experienced feeling good. Anybody who has chronic health issues might have a much bigger battle to feel that way again than...

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This blog entry discusses the background of our "Bee Yourself" design and explains why it's special to us.  Don't be a drone.  Be yourself.

I plan on working in a blog pertaining to a specific design at least once a month...Today's spotlight: Bee Yourself. Pictured above is one of the first prints I did with this design.  I like it on yellow shirts better, but I think we might have to print some on grey...

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