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I plan on working in a blog pertaining to a specific design at least once a month...

Today's spotlight: Bee Yourself.

Bee Yourself Shirt with Worker Queen and Drone Honey Bees

Pictured above is one of the first prints I did with this design.  I like it on yellow shirts better, but I think we might have to print some on grey (let us know if you agree!)

This is another design that I put together in a Printmaking class while working on my Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication and Design. We covered several printmaking techniques, but screen printing caught my eye. This was one of a few designs that I put together during that class.

I really enjoy nature and I love the role bees play within so many eco-systems. I also enjoy individualism. It was (a relatively small) part of why I did not re-enlist in the Army. Turns out I put a lot of value on self-expression... wearing earrings, having the length of hair and hairstyle I choose, and wearing random shirts to work, just to name a few specifics. This design brought these two areas of interest together for me.

Soapbox time! (pardon the cliches)
Don't be a drone.
Don't "go with the flow" and don't be afraid to rock the boat.
Stand up and be yourself.
Be proud of who you are.
Fight the man on occasion, especially when you're passionate about an issue.
Too many people just fall in line and allow society to go in the wrong direction. Maybe adapt a less bold version of the following statement, but: stand out from the crowd and question everything.

We were all created different.

We have different interests, strengths, and physical attributes.  Own it.

If you spend your life trying to be like everybody else, you'll waste the wonderful person you can be...  express yourself and be yourself.

If you are in a leadership position, don't create or expect drones out of those under your leadership. Embrace their unique qualities, strengthen them, mentor them to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

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