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Random Art

When I'm not busy working at my day job, or printing shirts for Random Shirts, or working on some behind the scenes business or marketing project for Random Shirts... I really enjoy drawing and painting.

After nearly a decade of not touching a paint brush, I got into painting again while working on my BA in Visual Communication and Design.  I like to paint things that people wouldn't look at as art... dumpsters, for example.

Dumpster Painting

Pictured above is the first dumpster I painted. Our assignment was to paint "something that reminds us of campus" ...I suppose I wasn't a big fan of the educational institution (which made some organizational changes and cuts) which I found myself stuck halfway through my degree program.

However, I really decided it was an interesting approach to turn something that was commonly seen as an eyesore into art. For whatever reason, people actually like looking at an artistic depiction of a scene like the one I painted here.

Then, for our Senior Art Exhibit, I decided to paint another dumpster.

Realistic Dumpster Painting

Again, it was interesting to get positive feedback on a painting of a dumpster.  Sure... there was a decent amount of "why did he paint a dumpster?" especially at the art exhibit, but there were a lot more remarks on the detail.  It's amazing how simply reflecting what we all walk past, what we look away from, what's often hidden in a corner of a parking lot or behind a building... can be viewed so much differently just because the image was created with a paintbrush.

And I'll leave you with one of a few digital drawings/paintings I've done... I feel like I should explore this area of art again.  I worked on a few pieces to play around with my drawing tablet when I first got it, and haven't done much since then.

The "Real" Homer Simpson illustration by Lance Ingwersen

Art is a great outlet and stress reliever for me.  When I make time to be artistic, I feel better overall.

I will likely post some more of my artwork in the future, and might sell some limited-edition reproductions of paintings on the website in the future.

Thoughts, comments, critiques?


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