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About Us

Random Shirts started in 2003.  Great, wholesome humor involved in these delicious shirts.  As a customer first purchasing a couple shirts in 2005, I enjoyed the brand.  I enjoyed a clean option to so many other graphic T-shirt businesses.  I wore them to church, school, work... great conversation pieces.

Fast forward to 2018... several owners later, the business wasn't in its greatest form.  The owners were talking of liquidating.  They said they were just thinking of clearing out the inventory and getting all new designs stocked, but whatever the case may be, I thought they were closing.  I inquired, they responded, and in a fairly short amount of time, I became the new owner of Random Shirts.

It fit perfectly with my sense of humor and skill set.  I have worked in a few print shops, spent an enlistment in the Army, finished a BA in design, and I'm working toward a MS in marketing.  We put Random Shirts customers first and focus on delivering high quality shirts at affordable prices.  We're not only family-owned and family-oriented, but we aim to treat our customers like family.  As Random Shirts customers, we want to serve you and bring a little light into your lives.

We all need a little reminder to smile, and we hope our shirts help!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us at and we will respond as soon as possible.