Insomnia, movies, family... there's a decent spread squeezed into this short blog post.  Focus on the family for true success!

Family First

I've dealt with insomnia for as long as I can remember.  While I was in the Army, I probably slept the best that I had in a long time.  So, here I am... after midnight, drinking a Neuro Sleep drink trying to be tired enough to actually sleep.  In the meantime, I will write about family.  And movies.

In my insomnia-blocked nights where sleep is a dream I can't dream, I tend to watch (too much) Netflix.  Through these nights, I have found some real gems.  Tonight I just finished "Like Father" with Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer.  Long story short, I can relate to both characters in many ways.  From Harry's perspective, it's easy to feel like you're messing everything up as a father.  But throughout the movie, they realize work success isn't nearly as important as family success.  I've been pouring so much effort into two businesses, a full-time job, and Graduate school... I've lost sight of that in many ways.  Don't get me wrong, my focus is on the point where I can "afford" to focus on my family... but I'm looking at it wrong.  I can't afford NOT to.

Anyway, this blog, Random Thoughts... might occasionally be Random pseudo-reviews of Netflix movies.

While I'm on the subject, some other movies mostly about broken families worth watching (sadly, most aren't PG by a long shot)

Jeff, Who Lives at Home
The Beaver

Hopefully I can finish getting everything together for part 2 of the top ten albums within a few days.  Gotta dig out a couple CD's for those visuals!

Stay Random!

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