Insomnia, movies, family... there's a decent spread squeezed into this short blog post.  Focus on the family for true success!

Family First I've dealt with insomnia for as long as I can remember.  While I was in the Army, I probably slept the best that I had in a long time.  So, here I am... after midnight, drinking a Neuro Sleep drink trying to be tired enough to actually sleep....

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Healthier Choices. This post discusses how I feel as a result of the poor choices I have made in terms of diet and lifestyle. I also discuss what changes I am making, and why.

Health & Overall Wellness Most of us know what good health feels like, right? Maybe it's been a couple years, maybe it's been decades... but most of us have experienced feeling good. Anybody who has chronic health issues might have a much bigger battle to feel that way again than...

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