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Big News For Random Shirts

We're excited to begin a brand ambassador program. 

We are looking for 5-10 fans who are excited about the brand and would be great advocates for us.

We want people who will represent what we stand for (mainly respect and fun!) and spread the word.

So, what's in it for the ambassadors?

  • Free Shirts
  • Earn $$$$
  • Access and input
  • Exclusive Merch

We will be sending out free shirts and a sticker pack to each ambassador.
The sticker packs will have a unique discount code for people to use after you give them a sticker or pass the code on to them. We will track these orders, and we will send you an additional shirt of your choice and a $25 Amazon Gift Card for every 25 orders placed with your code. 

Also, we will be starting a Facebook group to share ideas on new designs and promotions. You will get behind the scenes access to our process as well as input!

All we ask is you wear your Random Shirts proudly and promote us in person and on social media!  Also, distribute the stickers as you see fit. Hand them out on campus, at youth group, at christian concerts, or however you see fit.

Get Started:
Send us an email at info@randomshirts.com with "Ambassadors" in the subject line. Please include a little about yourself, how you could help Random Shirts, and a picture of your Random Shirts collection!


Random Shirts


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1 comment

  • Woot this is exciting.


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